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PCI DSS Compliance (1/1/2018)
All Merchant Must be PCI Compliant!!

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October 2017 Mandate Summary (10/1/2017)
Effective October 2017, the Card Brands will make modifications. Below are the highlights of the changes that will most affect you and your merchants:

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 PCI Rapid Comply Solution
Important Announcement - Tinadre is pleased to announce the "First Data PCI Rapid Comply" service. We believe it will make it faster and easier to become and remain PCI DSS compliant.

As of June 1, 2012:
First Data's PCI Rapid Comply will replace the PCI Site Certification services previously provided through Security Metrics (See enclosed PDF for more details). PCI Rapid Comply is an easy-to-use "help-based" online application to assist you in completing your annual PCI compliance. PCI Rapid Comply offers simple tools and comprehensive support necessary to validate and maintain compliance with PCI standards including integrated vulnerability scanning if needed. PCI Rapid Comply also includes "pre-assessment" questions that helps pre-populate the corresponding SAQ questions with accurate answers to minimize the number of questions you must answer.

Our PCI Rapid Comply solution is an easy-to-use online tool that can help you achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance more quickly and easily. It offers:

  • Step-by-step guidance to complete the annual self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ): Our step-by-step application will direct you to the PCI SAQ that is appropriate for your business (A, B, C, C-vt or D). You can complete the SAQ with guided support, ensuring each question is answered accurately.
  • Fewer questions to answer - in some cases, 85% fewer questions: With "pre-SAQ" questions, we can pre-populate the appropriate SAQ answers- which are often the most difficult - minimizing the number of questions you have to deal with and speeding up the SAQ completion process.
  • Comprehensive support that ensures your questions get answered: Have a question? With our built-in help, guides and security expertise, we can answer any PCI questions you may have - online and via chat, email and phone.

Are there additional fees to use the PCI Rapid Comply solution?

  • With our PCI Rapid Comply solution, there are no new or additional charges. The Compliance Service Fee charged to you by your merchant services provider includes your annual PCI self assessment questionnaire (SAQ) and quarterly scans, if needed, which are offered in our PCI Rapid Comply solution.
  • If you fail to become PCI DSS compliant or to report your PCI DSS-compliant status with a third-party vendor to First Data, you may also be charged a monthly non-receipt of PCI Validation fee by your Merchant Services provider until such time as you become PCI-DSS compliant or report your PCI DSS-compliant status to First Data.

Do I have to use the PCI Rapid Comply solution?

  • The benefits of using the First Data PCI Rapid Comply solution are that it is offered by and integrated with your merchant services provider. The PCI Rapid Comply solution includes a guided, step-by-step SAQ tool help to complete the annual questionnaire with ease, an integrated scanning tool for merchants that are required to pass quarterly scans and comprehensive support online and via chat, email and phone to ensure your questions get answered.
  • As your merchant services provider, we hope you will elect to use the PCI Rapid Comply solution. However you are free to obtain PCI DSS compliance services from third party vendors.
  • If you choose to use a third-party vendor for PCI DSS compliance services, you will need to contract with and pay that vendor directly. In addition to your alternate vendor's charges for PCI DSS compliance services, you still will need to pay to the Compliance Service Fee charged to you by your merchant services provider. The Compliance Service Fee is not affected by your choice to use a third-party vendor. You will also need to ensure your PCI DSS compliance status is reported to First Data.

What do I need to do to get started with the PCI Rapid Comply solution?

  • Visit and instructions on the site will help you get started immediately! You'll also receive a renewal communication called "Renew PCI Validation with PCI Rapid Comply" from first data at, which will provide a username and password so you can get started with the PCI Rapid Comply solution.

With more than 95 percent of data breaches aimed at small businesses2 and 96 percent of breach victims being out of PCI DSS compliance at the time of the breach3, we appreciate your efforts to maintain PCI security standards to protect your business and your customers.

If you have any questions about these changes, please call the customer service number located on your merchant statement. Again, thank you for choosing Tinadre Inc as your Merchant Services provider.

Again, the new website is, once there you can access the system by using your Visa/MasterCard merchant number (located on the top of your monthly statement) as your username and password. If you need assistance with PCI DSS Compliance, need help enrolling into our new program or need help with your new username and/or password you can us directly at 1-800-455-8868
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