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        ServicesMerchant Accounts - Provides flexible solutions customized to your business environment and marketplace.ECom Solutions - Tinadre eCommerce Solutions can help you manage, protect and increase your sales.Mobile/Wireless - Tinadre offers merchant accounts and state-of-the-art wireless solutionsCheck Guarantee - Tinadre provides check acceptance solutionsGiftCard & Loyalty - Gift Card and Loyalty Programs are designed to increaseEzDonating - EZDonating, offers the ability for organizations to offer their members the ability to setup, manage and control all aspects of their online donations. AprivaPay Plus - Simplified mobile payment acceptance and more.
        ProductsPoint of Sale Terminal - We also support industry-specific terminal features, in most cases we can convert you to our processor quickly and easily.Software Applications - Running Windows, we feature sever PC Applications which included but are not limited to:Internet Gateways - Website Intergation with some of the most reliable internet gateways and more.Virtual Online Terminals - Virtual Terminal is a web-based point-of-sale terminal for key entered transactions and a wide range of features.High Speed Connectivity - Fast, Secure processing for retailers who need a constance connection when running many transaction consecutively.
        Learning CenterIngenico iCT250 - Video Guide to the Engenico ICT 250 Desktop Terminal (Dual Comm, EMV, NFC and Apple Pay Ready) .Chargebacks - Tips to Reduce Chargebacks.Interchange Fees - Introduction Credit Card Interchange.PCI DSS - The Facts about PCI Certification and Compliance.Fraud Prevention - Protect your business with these Fraud Prevention tips.
        ResourcesTips to Reduce Chargebacks - Educational VideoCredit Card Interchange - Educational VideoFraud Prevention - Educational VideoPCI DSS - Educational VideoMerchant Login Links - View a list of login links to help find your way to our products.Merchant FAQ's - View Frequency Asked Question about credit card processing.Merchant Chargeback Tips - View a list of Chargeback, Retrieval and Fraud Tips.Library of Resources - Here you can find a list of Visa and MasterCard resources, link and PDFsGlossary of Terms - Here you can view a list of credit card processing terms.
        NewsRate and Fee Changes/Updates (3/1/2015) - The Card Organizations periodically review their interchange rate programs, modifying them as they deem appropriate.Credit Card Terminal End Of Life. (7/1/2013) - With recent mandates and regulations changes from Credit Card Issuers (which include Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover etc.) has forced transaction processors (First Data, Chase Paymentech, TSYS etc.) to make a decision to shift away from the older, less advanced hardware and promote a greater awareness of compliance and technology.Equipment End of Life (7/1/2013) - Discontinued Product?, Can I use that old terminal of mine with Tinadre?Important News / Alert (11/29/2012) - Fraudulent Emails DetectedMerchant Statement Re-Designed (7/16/2012) - Effective with the July 2012 merchant statement, Tinadre and First Data will be releasing a newly redesigned merchant statement..PCI Rapid Comply Solution (7/16/2012) - Important Announcement - Tinadre is pleased to announce the "First Data PCI Rapid Comply" service. We believe it will make it faster and easier to become and remain PCI DSS compliant.Visa, MasterCard and DOJ Settle (10/4/2011) - Visa and MasterCard recently announced a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice.
        Quick LinksFirst Data Global Gateway - The Global Gateway Virtual Terminal is an online payment application that allows you to accept credit cards and other payment types using your PC.Orbital Virtual Terminal - Virtual Terminal is a web-based point-of-sale terminal for key entered transactions and a wide range of features.iTerminal - iTerminal is an web based application for point-of-sale transactions without a physical terminal.More Merchant Login - View a list of login links to help find your way to our products.First Data Rapid Comply - PCI AssessmentTrustwave (Sterling) - PCI Assessment
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